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about us

Living in “Lavanta” (“Lavender”) – a feeling of freedom produced by an unburdened, free walk, even by walking barefeeted, and – even if only temporarily – a feeling of carefreeness. The urge to escape from grey brains, concrete walls, waiting lines and chaos. And the opportunity to break out of daily routine, the opportunity to create space for surprises and special minutes as well as the opportunity to enjoy the moment. The ability to use our five senses and to perceive things. And the most important of all: Having fun with long, long daydreaming.

We look forward to your stay at “Lavanta”, where holidays as cool as a glass of lemonade and as light pink as the meat of a mature sugar melone are expecting you. Our family business “Lavanta” is keen to create the same ease and the same comfort as at your home, and to make you experience days full of ease.

“Lavanta” consists of three cottages built as suites, which are situated in Çıralı village, within a wonderful fruit orchard and vegetable garden measuring 8,000 square metres. These cottages are designed using elements, which harmonize with the natural environments of Çıralı, and in which one feels like at home. The curtains, the furniture and the bedclothes are conceived of different colours and designs.

“Lavanta” is operated by a family from Çıralı village. With its small, but quiet rooms, this family gives lovers of such places the opportunity to spend unforgettable holidays.

Cirali,    /    Phone: +90 536 275 75 01

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